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Microblading is a form of tattooing, unlike a traditional tattoo where a machine is used, we use a hand tool that has a microblade attached to the tip.

A Microblade is made up of several micro-needles in various sizes and shapes.

We use this Microblade to deposit pigment into the upper dermis of your skin to simulate individual eyebrow hair strands by applying a Feather Stroke technique. The results are natural, gorgeous, and last up to two years.

When you arrive to your Microblading appointment, we’ll first offer you a variety refreshments as we welcome you into our state of the art luxury salon. The Xen environment is designed to transform you out of the hustle and bustle of LA and into a relaxing trans-formative state of mind.

We’ll discuss your brows and you will fill out a medical history and consent form. We’ll take before pictures then we’ll begin “browmapping” you to achieve the most beautiful brow for your face by using mathematical-geometric methods known as the renowned golden ratio.

We only offer our clients the best so when it comes to our equipment and tools, no expense is spared. We use high performance tools and top of the line shaping pencils. Once your procedure is finished. We’ll film your big reveal, give you your aftercare kit and instructions then schedule your first touch up 6 weeks later.

Microblading requires breaking the top layer of your epidermis in order to deposit our vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA pigment into the upper dermal layer of your skin to simulate a single eyebrow hair strand. We use two different numbing agents before and during your procedure to minimize the discomfort.

Microblading can last up to two years depending on your skin type and lifestyle. If you’re prone to more oily skin then more frequent touch ups are suggested to keep your microblading looking complete.

In our experience, the best results are achieved by washing your eyebrows 5 times a day in the first 24hrs. The purpose of this is to get rid of the lymph fluid that causes excessive scabbing. Wash your brows every 4 hours using a mild soap like a baby soap, or the soap provided in your aftercare kit. You will first wash your hands to sanitize them and rid them of any dirt or bacteria. Rinse your hands, then apply more soap and using your ring fingers gently wash your microblading for 10 seconds. Afterwards you will use a folded paper towel to firmly press/blot your eyebrows. Using a q tip, apply a small layer of Tina Davies Aftercare Serum in the gold packet to each eyebrow. Toss and discard that q tip, using another q tip use a half rice grain amount of aftercare in the blue tube to each eyebrow. Do this each time you wash your eyebrows in the first 24 hrs.

Intensified color and swelling are part of the initial stages of healing. Be patient. Do not freak out. The intensity should regress within 7 days. The sensation can be comparable to that of a slight burn and minimal scabbing and/or flaking may take place. Your scabs should be completely gone by the 2nd week, during the process your microblading may appear blue or ashy. Dont worry this is completely normal! When your scabs fall off, your microblading may look like it disappeared, this too is completly normal! Don’t panic! Refrain from picking at your brows as you may run the risk of removing pigment in the process. The true vibrancy of your cosmetic tattoo is achieved between weeks 6 and 8, in the time leading up to then you’ll experience a slight loss in colour before it begins to regenerate as your skin naturally exfoliates.

• 24 hours prior to your appointment, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE.
• 72 hours prior to your appointment, DO NOT TAKE ADVIL or other blood thinners such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin or Vitamin E unless medically necessary.
• Botox should be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure.
• Avoid booking during your menstrual cycle as it can increase your pain.
• No waxing, tanning or tinting 3 days before.
• Arrive with no makeup for your appointment. A lot of wiping of pigment takes place and makeup can get ruined, so save yourself the hassle!
• Be prepared for your brows to look a little red and really dark! – don’t worry, they will fade in color 30-50%.

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