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Alena Nyrkova

Alena Nyrkova studied art but used to be a professional actress and producer. Despite her fascination by cinematography, Alena has always been passionate about business. While living in California during past five years, she founded and developed three different businesses, all of which are very successful.


In 2017, Alena met Alena Man and all stars aligned. Ever since then, Alena fully realized herself in business as well as producing. Nowadays she’s successfully promoting Alena Man’s school abroad and is leading Browsman school in California.


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Alena Man

Alena has a Master of Arts degree but she jas been a business woman her entire life. After her marriage fell apart, Alena became a single mother of four with a handful of responsibilities .

Any other woman would have become depressed in similar circumstances, but not Alena. She remembered her childhood passion for art and applied it in her business.


Alena became internationally recognized master of permanent makeup. First she opened permanent makeup school in Moscow and then began promoting it across the world. She has been teaching in numerous countries for over 6 years and recently opened her third subsidiary in California.


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Anastasiia Sevilla

Anastasiia began her career in the beauty industry 8 years ago as a wedding makeup artist in San Francisco Bay area. Now she is a licensed esthetician and fully certified lash extension artist specializing in Classic and Russian Volume lash extensions, as well as lash lifting, microblading and pmu/tattoo removal.


Anastasiia has always been passionate about helping women to look their best, enhance their natural beauty and now she's teaching how to achieve the perfect eyelash set with every client.


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